Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Prosperity (Prosperity, #1) by Alexis Hall

I can't believe it took me this long to read this book. I know my friends loved it, but for some reason I thought I wouldn't. No idea why. I mean lots of my friends loved this book. I love some of the authors other books, but I dragged my feet when it came to reading this book, and for that


The dialogue took me a little bit to get the hang of, but it fit the character, and the setting so well I don't think anything else would have worked. The characters are a diverse bunch, and I liked how much the story focused on all of them, and their interactions. Any time I can read a book with gay, bisexual, androgynous, and lesbian characters and have their sexuality/gender identity not be the central focus of the story I'm a happy camper. I loved that characters relationships were more than just romantic, and that the author doesn't buy into the notion that sex equals true love.

The setting was really well drawn and I felt like I was there. It had a very steampunk feel to it, but it felt grounded in the reality of Victorian London, and it didn't feel to clean or too pretty. The plot was fast paced, and felt like my favorite sort of adventure story with lots of nice twists and turns.

Once I started reading I couldn't stop. Everything about this book just worked for me, and I had to run out and buy the short stories once I finished this one. In short.



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