Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Winter Wonderland by Heidi Cullinan


This one was just a miss for me. I really didn't see the romance as anything more than a crush or puppy love. Also the relationship felt rushed which is really weird to say because in the first book I think Frankie and Marcus had maybe three days to fuck, fight, and fall in love.

Maybe it's the age gap which isn't my thing, or how much of a door mat Paul is in this. Make that a childish door mat...his expression of displeasure in his family in the end didn't endear me to his case by any means. Though I did have to say what he did after did get me all misty eyed.

So I guess this goes under my different strokes for different folks category. If age gap angst is your thing, awesome, this might be the book for you.

I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review! 

- E

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