Monday, August 17, 2015

Evolution by Sam Kadence

I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

There were aspects of this book I found interesting. I thought the idea of vampires was just a bit different, and I liked that they were deadly, and scary as well as attractive. I thought that idea worked well with the music industry in this book, and I liked how those angles played out. The other supernatural creatures were interesting as well, and worked well into the book's mythology.

The characters fell a bit flat to me, and while there were some secondary characters I liked, the main characters didn't do much for me. I found Gene's innocence to be annoying rather than endearing, and his inability to see the truth that was practically beating him over the head drove me crazy. I thought his family history was interesting, if a bit melodramatic. I also found him to be a bit to inconsistent in his character. At times he felt too forgiving, and at times I found his lack of understanding frustrating. I found KC to bit a bit too much of an ass. The constant battle between wanting to keep Gene close, and to drive him away "for his own good" was wearing on me. I understood his self hatred, but it was just too much for me. I found reading his point of view to be grating, and I never was able to get to a point where I felt I liked him at all.

I didn't like the relationship aspects in this book at all. Gene is just too innocent, too naïve, and a bit too stupid to live. He falls head over heels for KC too quickly not matter how poorly he treated him. I know he felt like it was destined to be, but it just felt too forced. I needed something, anything more to make their relationship seem more real, and less like a crush that Gene was forcing onto an unwilling KC. I also found Gene's insistence on ignoring friends', very valid, concerns about KC to be worrying, and added to my dislike of the character.


The non-romantic plot line was well done, for the most part and I liked the arc at the end with Gene's band mate very much. Had this story not worked so hard to drive KC and Gene together, and Gene had a bit, okay, a lot more common sense I might have enjoyed this story very much, but it was not for me.


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