Monday, December 2, 2013

Long the Mile by Ally Blue

I received this book as an ARC through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

I wanted to like this story more than I did. The multiple time skips left me feeling a bit too distanced, and too much of the character transformation took place off the page for me to feel fully engaged with the characters or the plot. The whole story had a bit  of an afterschool special feel to me, and sometimes it felt like the plot, and the characters were secondary to the message. What I did appreciate was the honest handling of homelessness, and how easy it can be for people to fall through the cracks. How hard it can be for people to improve their situation when they have a criminal record, or no fixed address or telephone number. I appreciate the honesty of that message, and even though I thought the story itself was a bit clunky, I’m glad I read it. It helped make me appreciate the support system I have, and how many times things in my life could have worse if I didn’t have those people.  


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