Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Keep the Stars Running - Samantha M. Derr Editor

I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

 A very strong collection of short stories. I liked the theme a lot. It was refreshing reading about the people working in space rather than the typical hero types. I admit I always had a weakness for the Space Quest games and the not so heroic  Roger Wilco.

The Prince and the Programmer  by Cassandra Pierce

This was my least favorite of all of the stories. It seemed odd to me to have the first story of this collection start with a romance with a Prince especially one as spineless, dull, and whiny as this one. His only appeal seemed to be his beauty, and that was it. He was nice, but bland and uninteresting. So very uninteresting. The plot was a bit silly, and too much like a stereotypical romance novel to be all that interesting. Not for me.

About a Bot by Andrea Speed

I really like Andrea Speed, and this story was no exception. Fun interesting, and well thought out.  I loved how Tahir’s kindness was the key to the story. I also loved the natural feeling to the romance. No declarations of undying love, just the start of something good.

The Aurora Conspiracy by Lexi Ander

I really enjoyed this story. I’m usually not much for a couple reunited, but this story handled it beautifully, and I love how neither man was trying to force the other into being who they used to be. They are both trying to understand what happened, and appreciate the people that they have become.  The plot is engaging, and complex. A good conspiracy tale.

Flight Risk by Tayla Andor

I really liked Kiel, the mechanic. I appreciated that consideration to the toll his job took on his body was given. It reminded me of my Great-Grandfather who was nearly deaf from years of exposure to his lobster boat’s diesel engine. I liked that he was so dedicated to his job.  The romance was nicely developed, and felt natural to the characters. The plot was engaging, and the resolution was well done.

Survival by Leona Carver
The least romantic of the stories, it has a creepy vibe that I really enjoyed. The plot was well done, and I liked the way the different elements came together. Sad, and bittersweet the ending fit the story well even though my heart broke a little bit.

Overall a nice compilation that explored different theme, ideas, and characters.


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