Monday, January 12, 2015

Heir to the Jedi: Star Wars by Kevin Hearne

Beware: There be spoilers ahead.

Wow, what a letdown, I was so looking forward to this book too.  I mean Kevin Hearne doing a Star Wars book, what is not to love about that.

Well for starters the book was just plain boring. It’s pretty much Luke racking up some SkyMiles, going from planet to planet picking up things, and talking to people.

I mean I went in thinking this was going to be exciting and action packed with a lot of Hearne’s witty banter tossed in.

No it was Luke running errands for the Alliance.

My husband and I used to play Everquest II, and in that game there were what we dubbed “Gnome Quests”. These quests were pretty much goose chases, or the fucking quest giver asking for items for a recipe one thing at a time.  

In the beginning Luke gets a quest to go meet up with some people to get a pricing list for weapons and such for the Alliance. So he borrows a nice anonymous ship from, you guessed it, a pretty girl. Cause we got to have some romance here. So off Luke flies off, cue cut scene, where he just happens upon a ship in distress whom he helps out even though it risks him and the whole Rebellion.  Anonymous ship not so anonymous anymore.

*face palm*

He arrives get the list, and does a little side quest and achieves a new weapon which was total bull shit. I played SWTOR, a purple lightsaber is a bitch to get. He gets back and finds out that the Alliance is broke, and that he needs shiny upgrades to his borrowed ship before he can do his next quest. Oh look another side quest time. So off he goes with the pretty girl to make some money…along with all the fucks I gave for this book.

 I mean I finished it, and really I didn’t HATE it. It was just so not what I expected, and not what I wanted.  Ok, I need to stop ranting now.

Rating: ⋆⋆

- E

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